Friday, 6 August 2010

Off for the weekend

Don't the weekend's seem to come around fast? It only seems like yesterday that it was Saturday and I was waiting at Selkirk Rugby Club for my beloved to finish his marathon bike ride round the Borders, and yet here we are and it's Friday! I can't think what happened to this week, but it certainly came and went pretty damn quick.

This weekend I'm off to the 27th  Pittenweem Arts Festival in the East Neuk of Fife to spend some fun time with my oldest friend, N, and our arty friends. N hosts a very select annual dinner, and in past years she has always cooked the main and the pud and I do the starter. However, for some obscure reason that eludes me right now, I offered to do the main course. So I have spent this morning chopping and making sure that all that is needed to make the splendid centre piece of my offering is packed away in the cool bag and ready to be transported to her country abode, which goes by the lovely name of Sunny Cottage.

Meanwhile my beloved is spending his weekend doing his bit for Borders Search and Rescue, as they stand ready for the last day of the Coldstream Civic Week. The Borders has this rather intriguing custom of having what they call Common Ridings, where a lot of enthusiasts take part in a unique range of spectacular rides. Of course this also means that some of those enthusiasts come spectacularly unstuck and they, poor souls, end up at the mercy of Borders Search and Rescue.

So I shall eventually arrive home from artistic pursuits to find out what kind deeds my beloved has been performing for the good Borders folk. What an angel!

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