Saturday, 29 July 2017

The penultimate post

Diesel and I have had a busy weekend so far.

Yesterday we went to the Border Union Show, to walk around, take in the sights and find out where the Guide Dog tent was, as we were due there today to do our bit. That last took some doing! It took me about half an hour to find it!

I've always had a fondness for agricultural shows as I love to see animals at their best and it's a fab place to people watch. Anyway, we found the Guide Dog tent and also Diesel's pal, Millie, who was there helping fundraise. Of course Diesel couldn't understand why it wasn't playtime. But, after a severe telling off, he eventually caught on that he and Millie wouldn't be playing and his job was to stand around and be petted. He wasn't all that happy at the no play situation, but loved being petted.

One of the lovely things about having a Guide Dog puppy is that I get to go places for free and the Border Union Show is no exception. They even allowed me to park for free! And today was the same, free parking and free entry.

We arrived in good time to walk around the show this morning, tasting lovely food and drink before our work stint began. I bought some delicious olives and marinated garlic... yum!

Then we got to the Guide Dog tent and I have to say that Diesel behaved really well. I'm so pleased we went yesterday as he knew what to expect. He enjoyed being petted by all and sundry, though I did have to warn children who were carrying toys to put them out of reach, as Diesel is very fond of soft, fluffy toys.

One thing that did piss me off a bit is how some people with dogs just don't get the Guide Dog thing about not letting their dogs say hello. Diesel has to learn not to interact with dogs in public places and that only happens because we train them to ignore other dogs. The amount of folk who actively encouraged their dogs to come and sniff Diesel was extraordinary. I was very patient and polite, though what was going on in my head was probably not repeatable!

Diesel and me doing our bit

After we'd been at the show for 3 hours, I decided Diesel had had enough. We came home and he immediately went to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

It's a hard life but someone has to do it!

Sometimes, being petted and being nice to everyone is very hard work... and that's just Diesel... I found it hard too... not being petted obviously, but being nice to people for 3 solid hours was enough to drive me demented. Luckily I have wine and my nice olives to help me relax and enjoy my evening!

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