Thursday, 27 July 2017

Birthday boy

Today, Diesel is 6 months old!

He went from this:

Diesel at 7.5 weeks

To this:

Diesel at 6 months

I can hardly believe how much he's grown. And... he still has a whole lot more growing to do!

To celebrate we went into Edinburgh to meet up with Shirley at Jamie Oliver's for lunch, which was lovely and Diesel behaved well. He did have a rather large, disgusting chew to keep him occupied though.

From there we did a quick call in to my 80 year old friend Pat, who's someone I met through poetry classes. Very sadly she has colon cancer and is in the final stage of her life. She was very tired so we didn't stay long, which I think her cat was very relieved by, as she went and sat out in the garden while we were there and wouldn't contemplate coming closer.

And so now we're home and I'm having a glass of wine to celebrate on Diesel's behalf, while he chews on a cheese and marmite filled bone. I think we're both pretty happy.

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