Saturday, 21 January 2017

Only a few days left

Here I am with just 5 days to go before I head home. It feels a bit surreal to be in the wonderful sunshine and spending my days in shorts and a vest top when I know I'll be back in thick sweaters, socks and furry lined boots all too soon.

I've had the most wonderful, restful holiday. Spent my time walking, swimming, being sociable, eating, drinking and reading. Lots and lots of reading.

Today we're heading out for lunch with a friend and to spend the afternoon with more of the same. Tomorrow I go to the beach with other friends followed by braii (SA bbq) and wine and quite frankly I can't remember what I'm doing on Monday.

One of the things we have arranged to do is go to our favourite restaurant on Wednesday, my last night. It's a lovely place down by the ocean called La Kouzina, which I highly recommend if you're over here. They do a really great line in cocktails and delicious sushi. I've been twice so far and the margaritas are just wonderful, though did make a slight error last time and had 2!

We also went to a night market, which was fab. You choose the food you want from quite an array. I started with a potato cake smothered in grilled veg and followed it up with a fish taco... yum!

Will probably do one more post before I leave, so watch out for that one.

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