Friday, 4 November 2016

Eye problems

Last night I had my philosophy class in Edinburgh. I packed my things and headed off, but when I arrived I realised I'd left my glasses at home (I wear contacts during the day). I was a bit pissed off as I wanted to read before sleeping. So I left my contact lenses in, but when it came time to take them out I really struggled and I wasn't sure I'd still not got one in my left eye, but I was so tired that I thought I'd just sleep and deal with it in the morning.

When I woke up this morning I wasn't sure if it was in or not, but it felt like something was there. I tried to remove it, but no joy so headed home (no contacts in - I'm long sighted and driving isn't a problem) and felt ok, so I put a new set of contacts in. I then went off to meet my friend for a coffee, but part way through it felt like my contact lens was coming out of my left eye, so when I eventually got home I removed both of them, but it still felt not great. I flushed my eyes with sterile saline solution, but it still didn't feel right.

I looked and looked, but decided that as I couldn't see anything in my eye, I'd go to Boots in Galashiels and see the pharmacist for some help, but she sent me to Boots Opticians a little further on in the town.  When I got there I was met by two assistants who looked about 16 and an optician who looked about 18. I had to tell them my idiotic story of what happened and I think it took all their strength not to laugh.

45 minutes later with a clean bill of health, one very sore eye and instructions to come back in 2 days if it still felt bad, I arrived home. Now resting my eye and deciding whether to ameliorate my sore eye with a glass of vino.

I've got a busy weekend with a Mindfulness practice day to facilitate tomorrow, followed by No. 1 Son's 32nd birthday dinner and then on Sunday I'm teaching an all day course outside of Glasgow. I can't afford for my eye not to be working properly, but at least without being able to wear my contact lenses for the next couple of days I'll definitely not forget my glasses!

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