Sunday, 1 June 2014

Off to a sunnier place

I've been enjoying the wonderful weather by taking the dog for walks and spending as much time sitting in the sun reading as I can. Sadly we're due rain here in the Scottish Borders tomorrow, which is actually ok by me as I'm heading south to London for meetings and work and dinners, one with my niece and the other with my American cousin. The weather is supposed to be lovely down there for the next few days, so you won't hear me complaining.

The dinner with my American cousin is at Langan's Brasserie, which, if you're an avid reader of this blog, you'll know I had a crap meal there back on Mother's Day and they gave me a voucher. The voucher is worth £100, which is a whole lot more than I paid for my share of the bill to take my mother and my brother's wife there in March. I'm always up for a bit of a freebie and, given the word from the manager who organised my voucher, we should be up for a good evening. You'll get a report, no worries.

I also have meetings to attend, which isn't quite so great, but needs to be done, as does my time with my mother, though my niece is coming, along with her fiance, to dinner tomorrow night with us, which hopefully should take the weight off me considerably. I'm only saying this because my niece phoned to ask if it would be alright if her fiance wore sneakers. I couldn't care less, but I have a feeling sneakers don't quite fit into my mother's idea of 'normal dinner footwear' and I have a feeling I'm going to have to take several deep breaths and keep my mouth firmly closed more than once in the next few days. You'll get a report on this too, no doubt.

So that's me. I'll 'see' you back here later in the week. Have a good one!

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