Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I usually manage to blog a couple of times per week but the last few days or so I've felt particularly disconnected. This might have had something to do with me not feeling particularly well, not really sure, but this has been a bit of a nothing-happening week for the most part. Here's a quick resume for you:

Last Friday I went to the Borders Book Festival in Melrose where I helped out on the Borders Writers Forum table and listened to a great talk by 7 authors, who are all local. I couldn't really stay terribly long and managed to do my stint and then had to rush off to relieve Odi, who was home alone as Mountain Man was off on an event looking after all those sterling folk who walk/run for charity.

After a mostly relaxing weekend where I managed to cobble together a poem for my poetry course and spend hours angsting over it, Monday saw Odi and I at a Guide Dog Training event at the Museum of Flight. This entailed 8 Guide Dog pups going on and off a couple of aeroplanes a few times. Odi did really well, but I managed to bang my head on the very low door of the bus that took us from one end of the airfield to the other. I don't have any pics sadly.

I was ill the whole of yesterday and, although I'd have preferred to stay home today and recover, I had a very long work meeting about a conference I'm supposed to help organise and so had to get myself together and scoot into Edinburgh for the day.

And tonight I'm off out with No. 2 Son who's coming with me as my meat eater to a restaurant I'm reviewing for The Food and Drink Guide. It's advertorial copy and not being a food critic and is usually fun to do.

And that's pretty much it. Hopefully will feel back up to full strength soon.

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