Saturday, 28 June 2014

Signing off

It's Wimbledon, which means that for the next couple of weeks I become (a bit!) tennis obsessed. I've decided I won't bore you with it all, nor will I bore you with details of my latest bout of illness, nor my rants at BT, nor Odi's latest adventures. Instead I've decided to sign off the blog for a few weeks and give myself, as well as you, a rest.

Before I go I'm attaching a few very fetching photos of our latest visitor... a hedgehog, who was on a suicide mission heading from our back alley onto the main road. We decided to give it a chance to change its mind and brought it in and put it in our back garden under the hedge. I'm pleased to say we haven't seen it since and there's no sign of an ex-hedgehog on the road. Phew!

'You're not going to stop me'

'Really you're not'
'You stopped me!"
Odi says hello to the hedgehog

And a final photo, which is of Odi (of course) at her visit to Camera Obscura this afternoon. We went to see No. 2 Son at work and have a go on the stairs and look at a few of the attractions. We hadn't quite realised it was the first day of the school holidays and it was a bit crowded, but Odi coped magnificently. She loved it as you can see from the smile on her face.

So that's it for now. See you in a few weeks!


  1. What a cute hedgehog! I can't believe how big Odi is now either. We've just arrived in Oz so I think Wimbledon highlights will be as close as I get to watching the tennis. It all starts as we're about to go to bed! Enjoy it for me. x

    1. Goodness... you back in Oz already! Hope you're doing well xx