Sunday, 18 May 2014


Today Odi and I went off to Kelso to the Border Vintage Agricultural Show to walk around and take in some sights and sounds. It was actually a toss-up as to whether to go there or to the Floors Castle British Equestrian Eventing weekend, but in the end I decided on the BVAS as I knew there'd be lots of different things for Odi to take in.

When we arrived we were allowed free entry, which was lovely, and then walked around in the sunshine looking at all the tractors and cars. Loads of dogs were there and it was a good training exercise for Odi, who just wanted to play, but was told in no uncertain terms that that wasn't going to happen.

Part way round we spotted another Guide Dog puppy and it turned out to be Emily with the amazing Miss Betty Brown. You can read about Betty in this article that was written in 2008. Emily is Betty's 50th Guide dog puppy! Sadly, Miss Alison Brown, Betty's sister, is unwell having had a stroke and so can't puppy walk anymore. We walked and chatted together and it was great for both the dogs. We even came across some people shooting at targets and both Emily and Odi behaved very well in spite of the loud bangs very nearby.

What a beauty!
On the way home we were passing Floors Castle so I thought 'why not?' so we did. It was cross country day at the eventing and it was nice to wander about in the sunshine watching the horses do their thing.

The view across the River Tweed

An eventer doing their thing
Odi behaved impeccably even with horses galloping and jumping nearby and loads of dogs for her not to play with. After around half an hour or so I decided that was enough for her for the day and time to go home.

Odi then spent the rest of the afternoon out sparkers while I sat and tried to write my poem for the latest course I'm doing with The Poetry School. Sometimes you just have to slog it out with a poem, especially if there's a deadline and Tuesday is it.

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