Saturday, 24 May 2014

A good morning

I got up this morning to the most tremendous hello from Odi. She'd totally forgotten her strop of yesterday when I took her away from her Doggy Party at Susan's with her pals Cathy and Folly and I was definitely flavour of the month. I even got an upside down cuddle when she sat on my lap (on the cushion on the floor) and did what she used to do before she became a big girl, which is cuddle up then go on her back and grin at me inanely. It was just lovely!

My copy of The Eildon Tree came through the letter box complete with one of my poems and also a book review I'd been asked to do. It's actually a very good literary mag if you're interested in that kind of thing. Poetry, stories, reviews... what's not to like? It's downloadable too, but I have to say the hard copy is just lovely.

Anyway, not long after The Eildon Tree plopped on the mat, one of the editors came knocking on my door and told me the powers-that-be had been so impressed with my book review that they've asked if I'd like to do another for the next issue. The book is the latest children's novel by the rather well-known (at least in Scottish Borders terms) Oliver Eade. I was extremely flattered and of course accepted. I think they must've spotted the everlasting child in me as the last review was in the Young Adult category... still I'm not complaining. I get a free copy and another bit of writing that'll be in print so can add it to my not terribly impressive writing cv.

Then it was off to the supermarket in Kelso for Odi and me where we spent about 20 minutes shopping and about 30 minutes talking to folk interested in the Guide Dog puppy walking experience. So interested was one of them that he was off home to get onto the internet and sign up straight away. Odi was incredibly patient and batted her eyelids at all-comers and wagged her tail at appropriate moments.

It really was a good morning!

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