Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Back to basics

I have been aware, as well as having it pointed out (thank you Lizzie!), that this blog has turned into one about the trials and tribulations of being a Guide Dog puppy walker rather than being about the trials and tribulations of growing coffee plants. But the problem is that the coffee plants don't do a lot whereas Odi certainly does and if I wrote purely about the plants I'd probably write about 4 blog posts per year. The other thing is that I write this partially to keep me writing when I really don't feel like writing much else and, as my writing recently has been fairly non-existent, this blog serves its purpose well.

However, having said all that, the coffee plants seemed to have been stirred into action recently and the teeniest tiniest little leaves have started to appear on them. It's not all that easy to take a photo that shows the growth at it's best, but here are a couple.

One of the smaller plants

The top of the biggest plant

It'll be a bit like 'Where's Wally' looking for the tiny leaves - though you'll be looking for extremely small bright green bits and not red and white stripes obviously - but they are there, I promise you.

Sadly there's the usual winter brown bits too, but I've never got to the bottom of why that happens, it just does.

Well that's that then. A May coffee plant update. The next one will probably happen in a few months so don't hold your breath and in the meantime there'll be lots more Guide Dog news for sure.

I'm actually off to facilitate my retreat until next Tuesday, so see you back here then.


  1. Tried to comment on my phone, without success it appears. It's nice to see how healthy the coffee plants are and new growth is a good sign. I would just like to note that my previous comment about puppies was pure jealousy, not complaint!