Sunday, 3 July 2016

The dilemma of a world traveller

After a lovely couple of last days in Thailand, where everyone was very sweet to me and it was almost tears all round when I left, I had a pleasant, uneventful flight back to the UK on my EVA Air flight.

I think I've said before how much I love the pyjamas they give us, which are great. They're made from lovely soft cotton and this year's version are blue and green (last year it was a kind of sandy brown colour) and cosy comfy, especially when it's cold. I was very pleased that, in spite of the fact that I flew out at 3.20 pm - after a 2 hour delay as there'd been some technical hitch before the plane left Taipei (which is always destined to make anxious passengers even more so when they make that announcement), however the EVA Air lounge at Bangkok is just wonderful, with fab food and drink and very comfortable to hang out in - they still gave us pj's. This is a whole lot better than Qantas, who, if you fly during the day, don't give you such niceties, as they reserve their pj's (a nice light cotton grey pair) for night time flying only. You have been warned.

I arrived at my mother's house in London at 11 pm feeling very sprightly as, of course, I was still 6 hours ahead and it was morning as far as I was concerned. I did manage an hour's sleep, but that was it. I also discovered I'd come back with a cold... a great parting gift from the dining room manager in Hua Hin, who'd come down with it 3 days before I left.

London was OK. Not too cold. My tan was greatly admired by all and sundry and I spent my time staying out of my mother's way, even though she was actually in a reasonably good mood. She was out quite a bit herself, so it worked out pretty well. I even went, on her recommendation, to get my nails done in M&S in Oxford Street, which I can highly recommend, and was a laugh a minute with the other ladies who have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon and only cost a tenner.

Then I had to tear myself away from Murray playing pretty well at Wimbledon and went out for dinner last night. Luckily I'd borrowed a brolly from my mother's house as about 5 minutes after I left there it chucked it down. My feet were pretty wet, but they soon dried off over my salmon and salad with white wine meal at Harry's Bar where I was taken. However, I cried off early as jet lag really started to set in and I was in my bed by 9.30 pm.

At least, because of the awful weather that's been around this week and because I purchased a 1st Class ticket while they were going pretty cheaply a few months ago, I sat back on my journey back to Scotland enjoying the delights of the extra day at Wimbledon for the few hours it took me to get home.

I'm already missing the Thai heat and we're due more rain tomorrow, so I might just have my first day back home resting up and watching tennis while I make up my mind if I'm in the mood to wear my EVA Air pj's or my Qantas ones. 1st world dilemma or what?!


  1. I have had a couple of pairs of qantas pj's (not because I've flown business class with them but because the other half read reviews and got me a pair on ebay, leading to a second pair when they'd been worn to death). The fabric is lovely and soft. Maybe I'll have to spy on ebay for some Eva ones...

    1. Qantas for summer and EVA Air for winter... can't go wrong with that combo!