Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dan the Guide Dog comes to stay

I've had the pleasure, the last 4 days, of having the wonderful, very handsome Dan The Guide Dog to stay with me. He's here on his holidays and is a dream dog to have around.

The utterly gorgeous, very smiley Dan

He's so well behaved and a great companion. We had a day in Edinburgh on Friday, when I had to go to a meeting at The Scotsman with the person who took my last job. It was a fascinating meeting from all kinds of perspectives - mostly though the relief I feel at not having to do the job myself - and Dan did just what he was supposed to do, which was sleep and he did that for just over 2 hours. Then we went back to No. 2 Son's house and got ready for dinner.

Dan, getting ready to sleep at The Scotsman

Both my boys came out to have No. 2 Son's belated birthday dinner at Wedgewood in the Royal Mile. They were really good about the dog and had arranged for our table to have lots of room so Dan could lie down, which he did as soon as we got there and went to sleep until it was time to go. Just brilliant. The food was great too and a lovely evening was had by all.

Then, when we got back to the house, Dan went out for a quick pee and then came in and went straight to bed not to stir until I got up the next morning at 8.

Today we went to the music festival at Paxton House to listen to Granny Green, an amazing trio who play their own brand of folk music using a trumpet, accordion and tuba. I was very impressed and they certainly had my feet tapping. They really are quite unique and I urge you to see them if they're on near you. Dan, of course, just went to sleep bless him.

Dan, getting ready to sleep by blending in with the floor at Paxton House!


  1. He's gorgeous (and looks like he might go far in the guide dog stakes).

    1. He's been with his blind person for 2 years, so is already far in the guide dog stakes :))