Friday, 5 August 2016

Summer hols in France

I've been in France for the last 6 days and having a wonderful and very restful time. The weather hasn't been brilliant (although is getting better daily), but spending time with my friends, Sara (who I've known for over 50 years) and her husband Kzryztof, brings with it the joy of them not expecting anything more from me than to be myself and relax.

I've done some shopping - mainly Morrocan type towels that I like and are super cheap over here and some Italian linen trousers and a dress from the market we always go to - and cooking. Oh yes and eating and drinking of course. Well, no point in being in France without doing what the natives do!

Today Sara and I decided to be tourists and went to the Chateau de Vendeuvre, a lovely place about 50 km north of where I'm staying. They had the most fascinating museum of miniature furniture I've ever seen and is well worth a visit for that alone.

It also has an incredible garden with hidden water features that spray you if you're not careful! We had a lot of laughs about that!

The back view of the castle

The back garden!

One of the many 'surprises'! This one managed not to wet us too much!

Stunning view over the flower field to the castle

The rest of my time en France has been spent playing with the Great Dane's - they have 2, Clarence who's 23 months and Myrtle who's 13 months and so are still both growing and are absolutely gorgeous and pics will be posted when I actually have some.

Tomorrow and Sunday are Vide-Grenier days, which are a bit like car boot sales but French style and are good fun to go to just to wander around and get caught up in all things French.

And that's about it for now. Hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am.

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