Saturday, 19 October 2013

Holiday break

Today you'll notice is not a blog entry about the last part of my holiday but that's because I'm off to London and I don't have time.

This week has zipped by in no uncertain terms and the fact that I have to get myself ready for the 09.11 train from Berwick upon Tweed has slightly caught me out. I usually get the 11.10, but I booked this earlier one ages ago I think because it was so much cheaper.

What all this means is that I have no time to finish off my holiday for you, so you'll have to come back next week for that.

This week has rushed by in what felt like an influx of Highlanders... ok that's a slight exaggeration as it was only 2, but it felt like more!

First we had Russell Turner (aka Bassman and publisher of my little book) to stay. He was doing a 3 day tour of the photography clubs in The Borders to talk about his photos. It was a very clever presentation - MM and I went along to Hawick on Thursday night and we enjoyed it immensely. However it meant my week was spent in a flurry of cooking. A rather good opportunity to try some of my new found Thai cookery skills, but I think what turned out was definitely fusion food - as in Thai and what I could actually find in Sainsburys - and not as like the real thing as I would have wanted.

Then yesterday, just after I'd ripped the sheets of the bed and waved Russell goodbye, the phone went. It was another friend from The Black Isle who was coming down in our direction and would we like to go to dinner. It was then that I discovered I was on the early train to London. They decided they'd stay in a B&B instead of with us as it felt a bit awkward us having to get up early and head off and leave them and I think they wanted a slow start to their day.

Dinner was lovely. We went to Chapters in Gattonside. Good meal and lovely company and then a quick goodbye and back home to bed.

So... why am I going to London? Well tomorrow is the launch of 'In Protest: 150 poems for human rights' at The Bloomsbury Festival and one of my poems called Kora In Lhasa made it into the Anthology, which was exciting enough. However, when will I ever get the opportunity to spend time with the poeterati in London again? Probably never. So that's why I'm rushing off this morning.

I'll be back on Monday and will update you on how it went and finish off my holiday blog.

See you then!

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