Monday, 28 October 2013

A day out

After a weekend where Mountain Man had been off doing his Cascare exam out in the Cairngorms (he passed - yeah!) and working on the Jedburgh Ultra Marathon on Sunday while I had the pleasure of going to see Andy and Shirley in their lovely new home in Tullibody, we decided on having a day out just the two of us.

We had, ages ago, bought some Groupon vouchers. One was for a mini indoor golf experience at Paradise Island in Livingston and the other was for an Indian meal at Gucchi in Edinburgh and today was the day we decided to use them both.

The golf experience was fun, but not to be repeated. Frankly it was a bit of green carpet with a few bends in the floor, a few obstacles and not much more. So much so that 18 holes took us just over half an hour - and we would have been quicker if there hadn't been someone ahead of us who took a while on the last hole. However the fact I won and we had a real laugh made it all just fine.

From there we headed for a bit of a shopping experience. I only wanted a nail file, but the scariness of the shopping centres in Livingston is... well... a bit scary, so much so that both of us were relieved to get out. After this a quick trip to Costco to spend quite a lot of money saving a bit of money (yes, even I know this is madness, but it always seems like a good idea at the time and we did buy an Xmas pressie for MM's grandson, which, in spite of my hate of doing anything to do with Xmas before December, did seem pretty perfect for a 4 year old) and then followed this up with a visit to the VW garage in Edinburgh to try out a Sirocco - and no, I'm not going to buy one, but more about this in another blog no doubt.

We arrived at Gucchi at 5.45 pm and even though they don't open until 6, they opened up just for us. We had a lovely meal (as always) and, after a personal invitation, we've decided to go back on Sunday for their Diwali celebrations, which sound like fun.

Tomorrow is back to work, so it was lovely to have a day out. It would be lovely to think we could do this more often, but this is just as we're about to take on our puppy for Guide Dogs For The Blind, so days out might not be quite so simple in the future. Still with just over one week to go (as far as we know) we'll just have to make the very best of the short time of freedom we have left!


  1. Certainly was a fun day, thank you. I am never going shopping in Livingston ever again, in fact I will try very hard to never again go to Livingston for anything at all.

    1. Phew! well we're in agreement on that then!