Friday, 24 May 2013

Nope... still don't understand it

After a week of not doing too much, today I decided I really needed to get on with my course work for my 'Understanding the Weather' OU course.

There's a quiz which I need to do to get a certificate of completion. Well that's all very well, but at the rate I'm going I'm not going to even get that.

One question had a cloudscape and you're supposed to identify the two types of clouds. This would be fine if I could have seen two types of clouds (Mountain Man could only see one lot of cloud too, so I'm not alone in my cloudblindness). You're allowed 3 goes at any question and 3 wrongs you get a yellow dot. I got it wrong 3 times... yellow dot appeared and I still can only see one lot of cloud in the pic.

Then another question asks you to change knots to kilometers per hour, which I did with the aid of a scientific calculator and the web 'knots to kilometers per hour exchange' site. I got it wrong twice.

As I'm now in danger of getting another yellow dot I've sent out an SOS and had to call in the expertise of the OU tutor. I await her answer with ignominy, as last time I asked her a question I felt like a simpleton after I got the answer.

And as to question 10... well I'm not even going there!


  1. Ugh maths!I'd be collecting yellow dots as well. Hope you get it clarified.

  2. Funnily enough the tutor agreed with me re the cloudscape... as in my first 2 choices were hers as well, tho she did say it was unclear... she thought the quizmasters had got it wrong. I think I'll leave her to fight it out with them.

    As to the maths question, I did get it right, but and I quote, 'If you look at Chapter 9 you'll see how they've formulated the answer to one decimal place'. The only problem with this is that the first 10 questions are pertaining up to Chapter 4.

    I'm beginning to despair!