Sunday, 12 May 2013

May coffee plant update

I'm going to be away all this coming week, so as I won't be writing blog matters I thought I'd delight you with a coffee plant update.

On Friday I decided to move the two weaker plants to their summer home on the windowsill up by the skylight. This way they should get lots of sunlight. I say 'should' because we've had only a few hours of sun this past few days as the usual Scottish May seems somewhat lacking this year.

The two weaklings on the windowsill looking out at the rain

For those of you unfamiliar with the Scottish weather, May always seemed to be a great month for sun and warmth, but the last two have been dire. I know we're only part way through this one, but I'm not hopeful. Maybe June will be better?

The smaller of the doing better plants got moved over too, so it could come out from under the shade of the big one and still get a bit of light from the daylight bulb, but I haven't dared move the big one as I don't want it to react badly. You can see the smaller one didn't like the move at all as last night it dropped one of its precious leaves! They are such sensitive things.

Oh dear... there went another leaf!

Tomorrow at the grand hour of 6.30 am I shall be setting off for the delights of Ayr for two days of teaching. Then I'm back to Edinburgh on Wednesday for poetry and a meeting which doesn't finish until 8 pm. And finally I shall be off to London on Thursday for two days of work matters. I am combining work with a bit of social activity as I'm booked in with a friend for dinner on Thursday night and my cousin is over from the States and we're off to dinner after work on Friday night. On Saturday I have booked myself in for the Barocci exhibition at The National Gallery, another dinner out and then back to Scotland on Sunday.

No doubt I shall let you know at least some of what I got up to on my return, but in the meantime I'm hoping there's no more aberrant leaf behaviour from those pesky plants.

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