Saturday, 25 May 2013


After becoming most despondent yesterday at the plummeting temperature (a max of 5 degrees) and putting the central heating back on as well as my winter jumper, I woke this morning to sparkling blue skies with only the odd cumulus cloud wafting it's way across the skyline. The temperature went up to around 18. Time to be outdoors.

A lovely morning spent pottering in the garden in my shorts and vest and after a quick supermarket shop it was back in the sunshine to write a poem, sit and read my book and get some vitamin D for the afternoon.

At last I'm beginning to feel a bit cheerier, which is all to the good as I have 'one of those weeks' coming up.

I have to be in Edinburgh tomorrow and back to the Borders on Monday, Kelso and Edinburgh on Tuesday, Glasgow on Wednesday, Troon on Thursday and Friday, Borders on Saturday and London on Sunday and Monday.

Not all of this is for work, I must add, but it still seems like a bit all over the place, and there is quite a bit of work in there. The one I'm looking forward to the most is Glasgow as it's my interview for volunteering at The Commonwealth Games.

My friend, Sarah, who has already been for her interview has given me a bit of a heads up. She's down for cycling, but apparently the interview she had didn't even mention cycling once. She's opted for being a Team Leader, which sounds scarily like a lot of responsibility.  She told me we won't even be told if we've got the gig until October.

I know I've complained a bit that I've been put down for Press Operations and I don't think I'd go so far as to say I'd want to be a Team Leader, but it would do my pride no good at all if I wasn't accepted. Hopefully all will become clearer on Wednesday.

Though sadly the weather will not, if the forecast is anything to go by. Back to rain by Tuesday. Oh dear, but at least that's me out of housework for tomorrow as I shall just have to spend as much time as I possibly can out in the sunshine.

Well that's my excuse for this week done then!

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