Friday, 26 April 2013

Retreat time

Me and my new best friend, my Back Nodger, are off to Holy Isle off Arran this morning for five days of peace and quiet. There's something about being on an island off an island that adds to feelings of being away from it all.

A lovely pic of Holy Isle from Lamlash beach on Arran. The small white rectangle you can see is the old farmhouse where I'll be staying

I have a full retreat of ten people and then there's a whole raft of others who'll be there who are on a Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep retreat, which is something to do with lucid dreaming I believe. I was quite taken with this description: participants have the opportunity to engage in group dreaming sessions, which entail everybody falling asleep side by side with the shared aim of lucid awareness. The vision of a bunch of folk who've spent quite a lot of money spending five days sleeping brings a smile to my face. Actually I might just be tempted... only kidding!

So that's me... off to sit on my bum and contemplate my navel. Back on Tuesday evening with tales of the unexpected no doubt.

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