Thursday, 4 April 2013

Calling OU'ers

I don't know if this happens to you, but when I'm studying something new I seem to suffer with some kind of inner tourette's. Terms that have never really entered my realms of reality start ringing out in my inner voice over and over until I almost can't take any more. And I'm only on Chapter 2 of my new course!

I'm currently trying to get my head round nocturnal inversions, saturated and unsaturated air, relative humidity vs specific humidity, dew point, air pressure and air density, all of which I keep looking at the manual in hope of enlightenment, but it's not happening. All I get is that irritating voice.

I do feel there's some hope for me though as I do kind of understand convection, conduction and radiation. And then, even better, I have actually understood what a sea breeze and a land breeze actually are so maybe there's hope for me yet.

Things were thrown into slight confusion yesterday when I suddenly discovered that I could be doing this course without the exam element and credits just for the pure pleasure (or should that be torture) of studying. The OU hid that one well! I'm still unsure whether to take this road or to stick to what I'm doing, when part of me feels that the discipline will do me good, but the other side of that is that I don't know whether I need the stress of it all. After all the likelihood of me ever completing a science degree is virtually nil, and this is only 10 measly credit points.

More will be revealed, but I'd welcome your thoughts, especially you OU peeps out there.

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