Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Trying to make a cup of coffee and being responsible for the wellbeing of plants, dog, house etc is easy compared to my husband's very first call out as a member of Borders Search and Rescue.

Up until now, he has been a probationer, and I'm not entirely sure (and neither is he) as to whether or not he has/if he has/when he has attained full status. So tonight when he was home and the phone went for his first full call out to rescue a young missing person, and he grabbed his bags with a plea to me for "apples in the bag please" - to which I was only too happy to help - it all seemed very exciting.

Then the phone went again. I'm sure the voice on the other end said that the person had been found, and I relayed the information. However, 15 minutes later I was replaying this in my head and suddenly I wasn't so sure.

I am only reassured by the fact that there has been no further phonecall to suggest otherwise, but after going through what I thought I'd been told a couple of times, I was even more sure I might have got the message wrong. I mean we were just at the point of deciding what to have for dinner, which is always stressful for me these days as hunger is not one of the things that I feel a lot.

Suddenly coffee plants seem a whole lot easier to handle. The stress of cutting off leaves is nothing compared to the literal life and death situation of a Borders Search and Rescue person.

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