Saturday, 27 February 2010

Even the weakest

After being away from home for a couple of days and after the major leaf pruning, even the most pathetic of the coffee plants seems to have had a boost. In spite of a spindly stem it now has healthy new growth top and bottom, just as the rest of them. Maybe the guesswork that went into the height of the growlamp has actually paid off.

Meanwhile I have been feeling very fragile. Something to do with the snow I feel and not helped by the 2-3 cm fall last night. I have to journey today and driving in the snow is not my favouritist thing in the world. Still needs must.

All the false sunlight that's helping the plants has got me to thinking about holidays. I had an email from a friend in Nepal asking if I was going to come over with my beloved when he takes a gang of hardy trekking women to Everest in the summer. But sadly because it will be right in the middle of the rainy season in the Kathmandu Valley, the thought of spending my well earned time off heading straight for more inclement weather is absolutely off the agenda.

So the question is where to? I want guaranteed sunshine and not the hint of any natural disasters whatsoever, which from the current round of news doesn't seem as easy as I first thought... any suggestions are very welcome before I decide to have a staycation under my very own growlamp!

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