Sunday, 21 February 2010

Out and about

Sadly have been unwell since I last wrote... some ghastly thing that's going round the village which entails having a splitting headache and feeling sick. Still at least I managed to do a web investigation re pruning the coffee plants.

I think I was a little premature there as mine are nowhere near large enough for pruning. Still I did take the scissors to them and cut off the leaves that were going brown. A couple are now looking very puny and I'm not at all sure will last.

As I had been in bed all day yesterday and it was the most gorgeous day today, with fantastic blue sky and sunny but cold, I decided that as my head was slightly better I'd go outside and get some air.

A short way from where we live is Mellerstain House a beautiful Robert Adam country house which was finished in 1778 (it took 53 years to build!) and has fabulous gardens and parkland. It is the annual Snowdrop Festival and the gardens are open this Sunday and next, so as John is away on Helicopter training with Borders Search and Rescue today, I took our dog, Nell, and went for a 2 hour stroll around the gardens and lake.

It really is quite a spectacular house, and the lake is just lovely. It was frozen in places and there were a whole load of ducks just sitting about on the ice, and a couple of swans that launched themselves off it to get a swim.

The snowdrops were like a carpet in places and made me feel that spring is round the corner even if we still have snow lying.

Nell loved it, but because you're supposed to keep dogs on leads it wasn't quite as much fun as she usually gets when out in woodland, but just being out and about was good for both of us.

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