Sunday, 11 September 2016

Relax? Not much!

Well that's been a hugely busy week!

London was good in some ways. I spent time with the new guy in my life, which is in its early days and not sure how I feel about it all, but it's still going, so that's something. The rest of the time was spent with other friends and with my mother.

My mother was really ill when she got home, but in spite of feeling like that and hardly being able to get out of bed she decided she wanted to go on a planned trip to Northern Ireland with a group of people for a long weekend where they have to be up at 7 and things all day and night. I give up! It's so hard when she just won't do the best for herself, but she's scared of dying and so doesn't want to sit still. She's off to Sicily in a couple of weeks too. However, I've called a family meeting on Wednesday to see what care we can put in place that might be acceptable for her because she really can't cope on her own and I don't want to move to London. You may now call me selfish, but there you go.

So that's me off to London again this week.

Then my music pal, Jim from Australia, turned up at my door on Thursday just after I'd got home. We were talking so much (and I have to say a fair amount of alcohol was involved too) and didn't get to bed til really late. Then on Friday we went to the Linlithgow Folk Festival, where he played and had fun. We also went to see a bluegrass band, but they were just ok so we left at half time, and then we went off to another venue he could impromptu play at. I got bored at that point and left him to it.

On my way back to Edinburgh (where I was staying for the night) I got a call from a friend and we ended up having a great evening at Monpellier's in Bruntsfield and that was another late night.

Saturday saw me having an extended lunch with a friend that lasted for 4 and a half hours! We had a blast. It was at Thai Lemongrass in Bruntsfield, which has good, cheap Thai food.

And then it was home. I was exhausted! So much so I took today off to recuperate from all my activity and get myself ready for this week.

It's starting tomorrow when I've got Robbie the Guide Dog puppy coming for the day and we're going into Edinburgh for some training time and also so I can see my sons. Then Tuesday morning I head off early for London. Hopefully will get home on Thursday when I can take a bit of time out and relax. That would be good!

Unbelievably I now have plans in place for next year right up to October! It's freaking me out a bit, because in some ways, as there's a lot of travel involved, I sound a bit like my mother, which isn't such a good thing, but hilarious to contemplate!

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