Sunday, 18 September 2016

Another week goes by

Robbie came and went, London came and went and I've stayed in Edinburgh as well. It's all been in a flurry of speed so I every morning I find myself waking up and wondering which town I'm actually in!

I had a bit of drama returning from London, where the new mobile ticket system (on my phone) showed the flaws in that system, but unusually I got a wonderful response from the ticket office at King's Cross, where a guy called Chris Brown, helped me hugely and restored my faith in human beings.

Prior to that, certain people in my life had caused me to wonder what the hell was going on, but I've decided to blame it on the full moon. Far easier than trying to work out the unworkoutable!

So now I need to settle down for a small window of calm before I have to go back down to London to help my mother transition (yet again) at the end of the month after yet another holiday she's decided to go on. The good news is that my brother has agreed that he'll also become involved in trying to help with my mother, which is a huge relief for me. The next hurdle we have is getting the Power of Attorney sorted out, but given that my mother keeps going away and the solicitor involved is also away a lot it's going to be a while I think before it gets finalised.

The other bit of news is that Odi (now called Poppy) had her 3rd birthday and the people who have her sent me this absolutely lovely pic of her looking so happy. The email I was sent was full of how much Poppy is a loved dog and it makes me feel over the moon to know she's found a brilliant forever home where she can spend her life doing what comes naturally to her, which is just being a dog.

A happy, happy dog!

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