Friday, 12 November 2010

A weekend of spiritual nourishment?

I'm packing my clothes again today to head off to Samye Ling for a weekend of spiritual nourishment. The sad thing is that my preference would be to stay home, tucked up in the warmth of my 100% polyester, pink slanket watching unending rubbish on telly. I know I shouldn't, but all the unutterable crap that's on right now on Saturday/Sunday nights allows me to shout rude things at the TV and somehow seems to be an antidote for my work situation at present. I know really I should be reading erudite wordy works, but by the time Saturday night comes round I just can't be bothered... so a glass or two of vino and a good spleen venting seems like a good idea.

Of course going to meditate for a weekend means that I'll have to let go of any ideas of alcohol or venting of the spleen and satisfy myself that for this weekend, just this once, I'm going to be a 'good person' and nurture my soul instead.

1 comment:

  1. If only I had a slanket! You've pretty much described my weekend except my constant headache has limited my shouting at the TV. So sad but I'm loving Strictly Come Dancing and Hamish and I have an ongoing battle to guess the judges' scores from their comments. Sadly he's better at it than me, something he takes great pleasure in reminding me!

    I'm sure meditation is actually a better recovery programme. Looking forward to hearing how you got on.