Saturday, 27 November 2010


Given that we now have approx 12 inches of snow to contend with I'm really pleased that I'm not due to play bowls in Hawick, which would have meant an hour's drive (at least) in dreadful conditions. A lucky escape I think.

I've also had to cancel tomorrow when I was off to a workshop at Samye Ling. The treacherous conditions and the fact that my little car reacts rather like a snowboard whenever we have snow and ice, and my predisposition to wanting to stay alive and not have the excitement of a drive on a skating rink, means it's a non-starter. I would have borrowed my Beloved's 4 wheel truck but he's off on a Borders Search and Rescue training for the weekend and because of aforementioned reasons decided a car swap was not in his best interests.

We were also due to have friends to stay tonight, but I haven't heard from them and doubt whether they will now make it, so that's a bit of a downer. On the bright side means that I don't have to spend the afternoon cooking, which is a bit of a relief as we don't have a whole lot of food in and venturing to the shops is not on my current agenda.

So it looks like I'm stuck at home with the dog having a quiet weekend. At least we're warm and cosy.

Bowling update
I did pretty well yesterday and although we lost the first game, we came out with a draw on the second game which was totally down to my last bowl. On the strength of that I was asked if I wanted to join in with the women's league. I said I'd think about it.

Coffee plant update
The scrawny one is still alive, but only just. I'm wondering if, because they are so sensitive, any change in temperature just goes for them, especially if they're weak to start with. Probably rather like a person with a weak immune system, once they start to feel poorly it's hard to get over it.

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