Saturday, 30 March 2013


Last night was games night at Shirley and Andy's and I was on my own as Mountain Man had personal things to take care of, one of which meant a drive to the Lake District to see his unwell brother-in-law.

After several glasses of rather nice red vino we settled into some board games. Basically I forgot to take my Wii console and so we abandoned the thought of activity for more gentle pursuits.

I can't even remember the name of the first game we played, but I came last in that. Then we moved on to Scrabble and, in spite of having a splendid 7 letter word on my rack and a place to put it before Shirley took my spot, I never recovered and was last again. Then it was Trivial Pursuit... this was not the version that I know and love, but a new-fangled one with the strangest categories... and there we were well past midnight, with Andy getting all the questions I could answer and me getting all the ones I couldn't answer (well, yes I do admit that maybe the wine might have had just a touch to do with this) and I came in last again.

A good night's sleep later, a hilarious scenario with Andy wandering about with a small tube of superglue stuck to his finger this morning and a promise of a return match of games at my house, I'm feeling pretty good in spite of all that wine and losing.


  1. I love getting together with friends for Trivial Pursuit. How wonderful to learn that it's the wine that makes me get the answers wrong! Sounds like a good night was had.

  2. And I'm sure when we get together for wine and Trivial Pursuit we'll have a neverending game!